At Premi-Air Leisure, we recommend that all inflatables are tested annually.

This not only ensures their safety, but also prolongs their useable life by using the annual test as an opportunity to conduct preventative maintenance and to carry out small regular repairs if required.

We have two Certified Members of the Register of Play Inspectors International and may test inflatables for adherence to RPII standards.

The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) trains, examines, accredits and certificates individual inspectors and conducts written and practical examinations for Annual Inspectors of Inflatable Play Equipment.

More details about the RPII can be found at www.playinspectors.com

We currently support annual rpii testing and PIPA testing. We believe this offers inflatable operators the opportunity to get their equipment tested to the most recognised standard.

Please call us to arrange a test. If you have lots of inflatables or are not able to arrange transport we may be able to arrange testing on your site.

More details about the PIPA scheme for operators can be found at www.pipa.org.uk.

All inflatable play equipment that is PIPA tested will carry a PIPA tag and be listed on a database held on the PIPA website. The scheme is supported by the majority of inflatable manufacturers and was developed in partnership with the health and safety executive.

Not all inflatable play devices are covered by the scheme. Private inflatables that are not hired out, devices classified as toys, and inflatables used in pools are not in the scope of PIPA testing. These can be tested to rpii standards to ensure that they offer safety when used correctly.

Please note that for PIPA and rpii tests you must bring along both the fan and the stakes used with the inflatable.

The PIPA test means:

The PIPA scheme delivers: